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Tuere Aisha aka TuLyfe Stage Makeup

Life is a complex dance with its many challenges and rewards. approaches both the art of dance and the gift of life in the same manner: thankfully and purposefully.  When we do so, we discover that everyone can live, express and endure by means of movement and action, regardless of present or past circumstances, limitations, or advantages.  Truly, anyone can dance!!! serves as a virtual partner for all dancers at any level to reach THEIR highest point.

TUERE AISHA aka TuLyfe - designer, author and owner of - was introduced to dance in her hometown of Brooklyn, NY, where her uncle first took her to see Alvin Ailey's Revelations.  From that experience, Tuere developed a passion for dance but never met the opportunity for training as a youth. She went on to pursue another passion - the written word.  After working with various publications, including South Florida's SunSentinel and The New York Times, in addition to earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications, she experienced the traumatic loss of her father, which fueled her yearning for self-expression.

Two years later at age 24, Tuere found that avenue when she began her formal dance training at the Elegant School of Modern Dance, where she was introduced to modern, ballet, hip hop, jazz, Latin, Indian, contemporary and improv dancing.  As a principal dancer with Diverse Element Dance Company, Tuere has been cast in a number of productions.  Today, Tuere continues to train and train others in various forms of dance.


Alongside dance, Tuere feeds her passion for writing. Both as a hobby and a profession, she often produces articles, poems, essays and short stories, including spoken word and content for online journals.  Tuere sometimes signs her literary works as "TuLyfe," a play on her first name and the definition of her middle name Aisha, which means in the Swahili language: Life.  Thus, the name of her beloved website - DanceTuLyfe.






Tuere Aisha Allwood aka TuLyfe


Tuere aka TuLyfe in Modern Dance Pose
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